Saturday, April 30, 2011

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"The hip, transparent and social media-loving Obama administration is showing its analog roots."

~ Bronstein at Large

By Douglas McDaniel 

It's very hard to tell if anything of significance went on with the link and headline indicator above, other than the reporting on a fishing expedition, a precautionary experience, to see if anybody had been critic-E-wounded. 
Mostly, it sounds like a bunch of techno-media snobs in San Francisco, where being transparent and "hip," which was once based on the term "Hippie," I suppose, but as Marshall McLuhan believed also contained, a certain "cool"," as in "cold," maybe world-weary response to the world "at large." But a "Hippie" was an aware person, originally, to the broader society and culture at large, before, have to add, the drugs and alcohol wounded them.
Anyway, one Facebook poster stated, "It's very distasteful" when they are "caught in a lie." I can't tell who is being caught in the real lie here. I have to confess my own prejudices, as a guy who likes Obama, and has a lot of gadgetry, but, on this today morning, wishes his life weren't run by them. So I'm taking a dim view of these reporters then, for being such fucking idiots.
But, I wasn't there, so ...
Especially if you are hyper-sensitized to hypocrisy, I can easily see where I might be able to cull some material for a rant, or, perhaps even, a new political party. Which will later riot. Believe me, I get it.
But to enclose the entire administration in some kind of bullying, such in the use of the word "punishes," is a little bit of cheap shot. 
The gangster "punishes," where a slow learning sub-level technocrat fails to be able to plug everyone in with what they might have to plug into, which I'm sure, is supremely Promethean, in terms of have all the right apps, flaps his or her fine wings like a mighty peacock at the local park lake.
I read this headline's first four words "Obama Administration punishes reporter" and I'm instantly beamed to a Libyan death camp. See the difference and mistake? It's a kind of technological fascism.
Personally, I feel better when, say, someone pulls up a Ford truck and fails to park it, perfectly, at high speeds. To some people, it's an art form. If I see rust on the truck, I can almost believe I can trust them, instantly. Now I feel better to know the administration is somewhat behind the zeitgeist on this day, having failed to spend the extra dough on the flavor of the E-week.
If somebody comes up to me with some weird small device and a tiny implant leading to their ear, and they are pacing madly, or worse, watching me (watching them), I start to get nervous.
Yeah, the snobbery is intense with people who have the latest gadgets, these days. They are getting a little scary.
I noticed it at the Biltmore, the priciest mall in Phoenix, where they have an Apple store, and in Iowa City, technology hub of Iowa, in the coffee shops.
People with these gizmos think they run the world, and they terrorize their friends with their profound wisdom and hook-up ability ... 
I used to get the same reaction, feel the same way, when test-driving, say, a Porsche for the Robb Report ... it's a human condition, best exercised by realizing these people need some kind of reality check, like a sorta long series of ho hum responses ... such as when famous people come into the restaurant and need, as a sort of counter-intuitive antidote, a couple of hours to be able to come in, order, eat and enjoy the meal.
Instead, they get a paparazi flashing in their faces, asking them about why they fart.
 "Reporters fart on Obama press administrators over lack of latest gadgetry, then riot from the sensory overload of their own superiority": Now that's a great story that I would read. Maybe a long headline for uses, but ...
The digital divide is a two-way street, we all know this by now, right: But is it also a snub at French Restaurant by the mean servant who loathes his oppressor? The guy who, trying to feed them information, or, even, have the right kind of credit card, who annoys them to a rant?