Friday, September 15, 2006

How to Pitch to New Times, Part I

Dear Editor,

Here is my new essay, titled "Film-In-The-Buff," explaining why I should write the ditty for the Oct. 5 issue of New Times about the 2006 Scottsdale Film Fesitval:

"How's this for Six Degrees of Separation: Former Scottsdale Progress film critics who are not named Kevin Bacon, Francie Noyes and Nick Salerno, are moderators for this year's Scottsdale Film Festival, which begins Oct. 6. Interesting note: Douglas McDaniel, who is also not named Kevin Bacon, personally fired Salerno at the urging of Noyes to become the film critic for the Progress entertainment weekly at the time, Scottsdale Life. Also, it was Noyes who was quite threatened by the fact that McDaniel reviewed one film that year, "Batman," which did not feature Kevin Bacon, and later won the statewide award for general arts criticism for his review, "Mythic Movies," beating New Times writer Lawrence Cheek (not named Kevin Bacon, second place) and that guy who who wrote for the Republic who looked like Rasputin (third)."

So can I write about this?

Douglas McDaniel