Friday, February 11, 2011

De fine dishonor:
on Facebook

Trying to self-publish oneself is pretty much like trying to overcome the Tower, in a "nut sell" nutshell universe for the fleet of the damned. We are ahead by a century, the Tragically Hip once sang, and the disappointment is getting us down. But take heart, my friend. The nature of facey spacey is ever changing. A thing of nature, it is.
At first, it was high school sweethearts and stuff coming out of the closet ... and then a bunch of stupid apps to save the rain forest with numerous kinds of chirps basically saying hello. Then came the original prosumers, the purists, who had some kind of bullshit idea of this intranet as some kind of personal Zion, where self-promotion wasn't, hmmmm, PC ...
But the tendency here is toward those who speak from the tips of their fingers ... or those who simply lust ... mostly a combination of all things creative ...
And so I've been collecting my little list here ... a small town, if you will, of perhaps 15,000 to 20,000 people, if you count all of the other social media I use ... with the idea in mind that I was both seeking out the bleeding hearts and artists, but also acting like a bar bouncer letting the hot chicks in because, hey, that also brings the boys into the club, too.
Does anybody really believe that someone with more than 200-300 friends on Facebook is going to flag you like some cheap referee because you tried to link up with them with a random friend request? I mean, that's a good sized crowd at a night club, right?
What is most annoying to me, right now, are those who rail against Zeus, the overseer of FB, because they are wasting their time ... pissing in the wind, basically, of natural change ... those people need a license to go on the internet to begin with ... we arrive here naked as Adam and Lilith and Eve ... might as well go with who we are, develop our artistic avatars as unique voices, and let the idiots fall off the vine and rot in their private little corners if they don't get it ...
If I don't piss at least ten people off a day, anyway, what kind of an artist am I, anyway?
Due to the 5,000 friend ceiling, I finally learned that getting there, the road itself, is where the treasure is ... once you hit that point, you need to cull back people to keep growing, evolving your readership. Now I'm starting to look at all of these people who don't participate, or worse, those who are simply trying to piggyback on my paradigm ... just as I did to others on my own road, not realizing so much ... since I am a mad self-promoter ... any writer who isn't never understood anyone from Lord Byron to Norman Mailer to Hunter S. Thompson to Edward Abbey ... or even Stephen Colbert ... O shit, what was I saying? ... And Ronald Reagan? ...
Right ... anyway: To shut down the inner voice seems to be the secret mission of the media-maddened machine mind of mankind ...  not that there's anything wrong with being maddened by the machine mind of Man, mind you ... makes about as much sense as anything else .... 


For we are a freewheeling
impetuous army of draft dodgers,
poetic marchers, dreamers and archers,
who tempt the coin with one hand,
beg with the other;  a speeding seed,
a galactic weed, full of lies
and sacred music ...

Monday, February 07, 2011

  1. Here are today's stats from yesterday's Tweeter Bowl, sponsored by Big Sexy Beer
  2. Compiled and Completely Lacking in Any Editing as Also Written in Completely the Wrong Disorder by Our Static ... hmmm ... Tician ... Douglas McDaniel ... Who Was Never Near the Game Only Watching it From His Anxious Easy Chair Somewhere in Mythville, America Dot Calm ...                                                                                                                                              
  3. Many elevens in the synchronicity tonight: With the mathematics in the score, I think I'll just wait for the most terrible beauty to be born
  4. @KeithOlbermann Blessed be thy jokester
  5. @KeithOlbermann They sure did bash liberals quietly in the disinfomercials
  6. Ziggyhood robbed from the rich, stole from the goods
  7. O, is the game still on?
  8. @Mythville @TheBradBlog @Editilla @DavidCornDC Teflon Ron ... Iran-Contra, arms for Iraq ... he who suffered mortal blow, flown to Miami ...
  9. @TheBradBlog @Editilla @DavidCornDC Yep, gotta do something about that deification of Reagan B.S., good call
  10. O glass beer bottles from hell ... I thought we were supposed to be investing in aluminum ... who changed the play!
  11. @DCdebbie No fair
  12. @thecreativepenn @namenick I endorse that message
  13. @youarefiredboss World covered in snow is my reason
  14. If there was a Cardinals defense on the field, I wouldn't be Googling up a pixilated singing Don Meredith hologram right now
  15. Yes Wisconsin, there is a Satan ... I mean, Santa!
  16. Refs are starting to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame
  17. Who is Mike P.?, the Fox legal expert?
  18. @ZimblerMiller Language is a virus ... sayeth Laurie Anderson
  19. I've had affordable housing in Telluride with less space than this pizza box
  20. The Wicked Witch of the Midwest just asked why it was always her side that gets mushed?
  21. Told pizza guy that if he melted down the nickels he got for an extra tip, he made two cents more, then asked if he had a offshore account.
  22. @DavidCornDC That's what they are supposed to do during the week, maybe etch it on the bumper, as well
  23. How many people in Detroit can really afford a Chrysler, anyway?
  24. Simon X ... to meet the Wizard of Oz ... in celebrity death match!
  25. Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is checking for history lessons online at the University of Phoenix
  26. I just ordered a pizza from Paul Revere Raider Committee for Public Safety's Delivery Network
  27. Boy, Beethoven is hip ... Romantic era, as in revolutionary era chic ... Paine and Blake and Dr. Joseph Warren are turning in their graves
  28. @daveweigel @MCHammer I did the Disney version of "Scarecrow" for my alternative halftime show ...
  29. @daveweigel @MCHammer Missed U2. But hey, it was an amazing show
  30. I'm Gumby Dammit, and I approved this message
  31. Pittsburgh is really too cool of a city to have a victory riot, anyway ... I mean, they act like they've already been there, right?
  32. Good News: Folks, we got a game now!
  33. New from Troy: Big disparity in a time of disposession
  34. Glee this!
  35. Finally, I learn something I wished I didn't need to forget ASAP!
  36. Make note ... send resume to
  37. I guess Glenn Beck's days really are numbered
  38. Hmmm, has elephants and demo donkies dancing
  39. Wow, was fascist line dancing in the early 1990s prophetic or what?
  40. @Jason Orwell was right
  41. @officialhelene It flew the building for warmer climbs when they did the America as a Big Bag of Microchips before the game even started ...
  42. @JessicaLHansen Are you in a corner somewhere?
  43. Okay, get that guy in the game!
  44. At least the Black Eyed Peas give hope to everyone, like myself, who can't actually sing
  45. I miss U2 right now
  46. Alternative halftime show -- SCARECROW of ROMNEY MARSH
  47. Alternative halftime show -- SCARECROW of ROMNEY MARSH via @youtube
  48. Check this video out -- SCARECROW of ROMNEY MARSH via @youtube
  49. Fox is a purveyor of more media violence ... but let's quote Lou Reed: "No age is reason is upon us, this is the age of video violence."
  50. Wow Howie Is America's Mixed Up Metaphor Artiste!
  51. How will these vehicles field ice ace conditions in North America: hilarious
  52. Gumby Damit seems to be injured on the field
  53. And the little people, standing outside the castle walls: Is that white smoke, or black smoke, leaking through the rooftop?
  54. The medium is the message
  55. OK, slapstick violence against liberals on Fox
  56. Wow, four games suspended for Big Ben ... and they said justice is just a human conceit
  57. Ty Cobb, the earliest of its investors, and one of the most psycho ballplayers ever, used to carry around wads of Coke stock in his suitcase
  58. Coca Cola used to have cocaine in it
  59. @harveyshepard I was thinking New Mexico could have an NFL team called the Aliens
  60. David Bowie sells luxury vehicles so sweetly, still ... ch, ch, ch ... no choo choo to choose in Mythville ...
  61. Sometimes words have two meanings, indeed, such as Big Troy Aikman on this: "And Roethelissburger gets out of trouble!"
  62. Check out "Big Sexy Beer" by Bards of Mythville -  
  63. That was a terrible pass by Big Ben
  64. Good news ... Less chance for a victory riot in Pittsburgh is good for America
  65. And there's George "Crimes Against Humanity" Bush II supporting the troops while sitting in the luxury box with John Madden: priceless
  66. Mordor to come
  67. This is your mind on Ruppert Murdoch
  68. The Medium Gets the Message, Dos: African-American Girl Clocks blondie babe with a can of Pepsi and the black couple runs away ... gee whiz!
  69. Let's drown the planet with Big Sexy Beer and then dress the corpse in a Big Bag of Chips ... yes, the medium gets the message ... Go Bards!
  70. Nobody needs to drive that fast anywhere but a NASCAR track in America
  71. Explains a lot
  72. Vince Lombardi! A beast of the 1960s era, if you asking me ... winning was the only thing ... Really?
  73. Neon!
  74. @MightyCasey Now, it, weep, defines creepy
  75. Okay, it's a game, not a first printing of the Magna Carta
  76. Don't drive while your friends are using their hand-held devices
  77. @nansen Not as bad as I was hoping for, though
  78. And then, the "don't fuck with us" flyover
  79. Kinda pitchy there
  80. Very throaty
  81. Goz, Cars, Trucks, Cannon, Drums ... I feel like I've been drafted by the Ford Motor Co.
  82. Hey, New York Times writers on tweeting away too ... imagine that
  83. @benkunz They are trying to get into Walmart with long lines right now
  84. For Walter Payton, winning wasn't the only thing
  85. Walter Payton was a cool guy
  86. @benkunz Vampire culture sucks
  87. All new House ... one of the worse, full of passionate intensity
  88. More apocalyptic movie shit!
  89. Selling trucks now ... is that the voice of Dennis Leary, selling out?
  90. Priceless
  91. Ah, the whore of Babylon of the week will sing the anthem
  92. O, the humanity!
  93. Fear and yes, loathing ...
  94. American Gladiators of Ruuuuuuoooooaaaaam!
  95. The Wicked Witch is laughing her head off right now!
  96. Big Ben ... with police escort
  97. Sayeth Hunter S. Thompson ...
  98. Meantime ... see why vampire culture sucks at
  99. No further layoffs in Mythville unplanned, until the fire marshal hits the ceiling diong again!
  100. Bout time in Cairo, lunchwise
  101. Celebrating Super Bowl freezend by being a personal Nocarmercial ...
  102. Today's E-Book: "23 Roads to Mythville," by Douglas McDaniel ...